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A Little Girl Asked To Pray With Police Officers, And The Results Were Moving

There is power in it. Even for those whose faith is less than perfect, there is definitely a sense of solace and peace in the act. It’s reassuring to believe in a Higher Power, especially one you can call upon merely by speaking his name, and for those who with a much stronger spirituality, it’s a daily requirement. Still, prayer can be a bit – controversial? While it causes no real harm, the “WHO” to which we genuflect can be debatable, at the very least.

There Is Power In Prayer


For one little girl, prayer is very important. She especially likes to share a sacred moment with those who have jobs that put them in danger. Indeed, eight-year-old Paige Vazquez, it’s important to acknowledge the men and women in blue. Every day, they put their lives on the line to keep us and our families safe, and they do so with a sense of duty and commitment that is unswerving.

There Is Also Security And Solace In It


Recently, while enjoying a meal at her favorite restaurant, the little girl saw a group of policemen sitting at a table. Ever polite, she walked over to the officers and asked if she could share a prayer with them. Touched by the gesture, they immediately agreed. Everyone bowed their heads and shared a special moment, and this being 2017, someone had a camera handy to take a photo. Little did they know they were capturing more than a child’s noble act.

And For One Little Girl, It’s The Most Important Part Of Her Faith


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