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It Was Love At First Sight For This Little Girl And This Special Needs Kitty Cat

Some people swear by it. They just can’t ignore such a strong gut feeling. Others believe you can’t be so impulsive. Any true emotion is built over a period of time, not some momentary glance across a crowded room (or in 2017, an Internet connection). Indeed, love at first sight is a strange thing. Many confuse desire for affection, but there are those rare cases when a single moment means a lifetime. It’s what happened to little Britta Bergeson saw a one-year-old cat named Justice. The feline was brought into the Arizona Humane Society where it was put up for adoption, and even though she was safe from the streets, she still had a major issue to contend with.

You see, Justice had major problems with both eyes. Vets tried, but they just couldn’t save her eyes. So the organs were removed, meaning that this poor animal was not only homeless, but blind. That didn’t stop Britta. According to her parents, the moment she saw Justice, she wanted her. It was all she could talk about. She even spent time drawing pictures of her new pet, showcasing the newfound love she had for the abandoned kitty. Eventually, the family headed over to the AHS and all Britta wanted to do was see Justice – and when she did, that was the end of the conversation. Soon, the fur baby had a new name (Lucky – of course) and a new forever home. All it took was just one look. How wonderful.

This Is Justice (Soon To Be Lucky)

And When Britta Bergenson Saw Her, She Became Obsessed

She Immediately Knew She Wanted To Adopt Her

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