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This Boy’s Stunning Rendition Of ‘Let It Go’ Made Idina Menzel Demand An Encore

When it was released in 2013, parents around the world had no idea the impact it would have on their lives. For the first time in forever, Disney came up with an animated movie – Frozen, FYI –  that took the entire planet by storm, and with it, a bunch of accolades and pop culture talking points. One of the biggest, and most omnipresent, was the Broadway style showstopper, “Let It Go.”

Idina Menzel Went From Stage Actress To Superstar


It put vocalist Idina Menzel on the map, and had millions of kids wrapping their varying vocal chops around the power ballad. Four years and nearly $1.3 billion later (yes, with a “B”), and Disney is already got a sequel in the works. Meanwhile, Menzel has been touring around the country, sharing her gift with audiences of all ages.

And It’s All Thanks To This Movie, And This Song


A brilliant vocalist, known for her work on the Great White Way hit Wicked, she usually brings kids up on the stage with her while she sings her signature song, almost always finding a little boy who is none too impressed with hearing “Elsa” once again ponder the powers she has. In this case, however, Menzel picked the wrong kid – or maybe it’s better to say the right one. Little Luke was insulted when the singer suggested that only girl’s dig the tune, and showed her what he meant by belting out his version of it.

This Little Boy Proved Just How Powerful It Is


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