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No Arms? No Legs? No Problem…All This Boy Wants To Do Is Dance!

Sometimes, our sympathies are misplaced. They are usually well-intentioned, but for the most part, what we are experiencing when we see something or someone is far removed from the reality of what they are feeling or want to feel. This is especially true for those with special needs. Pity is not a shared sentiment. They want to be treated like “normal” people, no matter how far from the term you deem them to be.

Say ‘Hello’ To Gabe Adams


He Was Born This Way


Take the situation surrounding Gabe Adams. When he was 12, he fell in love with dance. So, he started to teach himself some moves. By the time he was 17, he felt confident enough to join others in his preferred pastime. Oh, did we mention that Gabe was born without limbs? No arms. No legs. Desperate to prove that he was more than just a “boy in a wheelchair,” he kept at it.

He Wants To Be Treated Like A Normal Teenager


Now, he’s a member of this high school’s dance squad, and as the video clip included here indicates, he is beloved and appreciated. Not just for his heart and his courage, but for some sweet moves as well. It’s no easy commitment. Practice can sometimes last for hours, and Gabe is right there with the rest of the team, sweating (and occasionally swearing) at the coach.

He’s Even A Member Of His High School Dance Squad


And Is Very Good At Cutting A Rug, As They Say


You Need To See Gabe In Action – Continue On For The Inspiring Video