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SeaWorld Announces Birth Of Last Captive Baby Killer Whale

Ever since 2013’s controversial Blackfish documentary movie came out, SeaWorld has been under fire for their killer whales in captivity. After three people were killed as a result of one of their captive orcas Tilikum, the public took notice and began to fight back.

The argument in the film about the consequences of keeping these creatures against their own will for the sake of entertainment revealed the stress they undergo while living at the theme park. Two years later, SeaWorld would announce they were ending their shows by 2019. They would also put an end to their orca breeding program, citing “times were changing.”

So when 25-year-old Takara gave birth to an unnamed baby orca this week, it was a monumental event because it would be the last of its kind. Chris Dold, SeaWorld’s chief zoological officer, said to USA Today that “the calf was born normally — tail first — after about an hour and a half of labor. Its sex has yet to be determined.”

Although orca breeding at SeaWorld has come to an end, the San Antonio, Texas-based theme park will continue to raise the whales in residence for years to come.

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