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Lady Gets Fish Pedicure And The Results Are Hilarious!

There are a lot of beauty trends out there that some people may find a little…questionable. Not just things like using real human hair to give your nails “personality” or shaping your eyebrows into unnatural forms like feather brows or braiding them but actual treatments that are far from mainstream or what some consider “normal.”

A few years ago, getting a bikini wax considered taboo, now it’s almost a must if you’re planning on any tropical getaways. Laser hair removal was once something only rich ladies were able to indulge in, but now it can be pretty affordable for just about every budget.


However, there are some beauty treatments that come to the U.S. from overseas and they’re hard for Westerners to wrap their head around. A couple of years ago, ladies on the cutting edge of skin care were going bonkers for bird poo facials. It sounds a little gross, but according to estheticians, the practice of using bird droppings for facial treatments was used in Japan by 18th-century geishas and kabuki actors to clean the thick white makeup off their faces.


Snail serum, from Chile, uses the mucous from snails as a powerful antioxidant for skin, and additionally, it’s supposed to help avoid scarring from things like acne, counteract sun damage, and prevent aging and wrinkles.


Some of those might not be your cup of tea, but unless you’re using 100-percent vegan products, chances are there is at least one animal byproduct in your moisturizer or skin cream.

But what about using an entire animal to handle your beauty treatment? Fish pedicures are growing in popularity, both from serious foot connoisseurs and those who just want to experience little fish eating at their flesh!

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