Being Different Can Be Beautiful: Meet Pam Pam, The Kitten With Mesmerizing Eyes

There’s nothing wrong with being different. We shouldn’t strive to live in a cookie cutter world where everything’s the same and there’s no individuality or unusualness. Yes, people will pick on the unique, but that’s more on them than the target. We just don’t feel comfortable around the new or novel, and sometimes, the reasons are ridiculous. Still, we should celebrate the special and the irregular. They make like interesting, and help us grow and learn as individuals.

Pam Pam is a perfect example of this. She’s a beautiful little kitten with one very defining feature. She has two different colored eyes. The condition is called heterochromia iridis and it creates abnormalities in the animal’s iris. As a result, we get the beauty you see below. Is she different? Yes. Is she unique? Most definitely. Is she something to be scared or afraid of? Hardly. Check out her photos and see for yourself.

This Is Pam Pam

She Is So Precious

Her Eyes Are Amazing

She’s Such A Cutie

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