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After Losing Her Kittens In A Vicious Dog Attack, This Cat Adopted An Unusual Friend

Heres’s a quick rule of thumb – you don’t mess with a Mama. No matter the species, forget the circumstances, the instinct of planet’s plentiful live givers is too strong to countermand. Oh you can try, and you will probably pay a big price for doing so, but that drive to survive and thrive can often be just too great to overcome.

Dogs And Cats Usually Don’t Get Along Together


Of Course, There Are Exceptions


Here’s a good example of what we are talking about. Gertrude was a stray cat living in the streets of Mexico. As with most animals in her position, he had to live by her wits and her actions. Sadly, she was attacked by a pack of angry feral dogs and was nearly killed. Luckily, she was rushed to a veterinary clinic and he life was saved.

This Is Gertrude


Tragically, the lives of those she was carrying did not. Yes, Gertrude was pregnant at the time and the scuffle killed her unborn kittens. So when another stray named Clementine came into the kennel, one could imagine this feline’s reaction. After all, she had just lost her babies to a bunch of canines, and here was another pup barging into her territory.

And This Is Clementine


And Their Story Is Quite Inspiring


But Gertrude Did Something No One Expected – Continue On To See What Happened