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Kids Describe Their Parents To An Artist And He Draws What They Say

They see things through different eyes. They lack the sophistication of age, but make up for it with genuineness, honesty, and a unique personal perspective. Ask any two the same question and you’re bound to get decidedly different responses. That’s kids for you. As each new experience is process and filtered, the preconceived ideas we have are still being put together in their minds, and the results can be eye-opening and very telling.

Kids Have A Unique Perspective On Things


Take their view of the most important people in their lives – their parents. Each kid views his mom and dad (or mom and mom, or dad and dad, or single mom or single dad) with unusual individuality. For some, they are heroes. For a few, they’re misguided. Some see them as superhuman. Others, older in mind than their years profess, have a whole different window on them, and the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to use their thoughts as the means for an original take on the family portrait?

Especially Their Parents


Well, one artist did just that. Known as “Koji the Illustrator,” this master of the pen and ink got a group of wee ones together and asked a simple question – describe your parents to me. They couldn’t cheat (especially when some of the subjects were there, on the set, as the video was being filmed) and he allowed the children to be as open and honest as possible. The results were filmed, and they’re enlightening to say the least.

Koji The Illustrator Hopes To Capture This


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