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Photographer Transforms Children With Rare Illnesses Into Real-Life Superheroes

It’s a fight few of us want to ever be involved in. While we cannot control fate, or our physicality, we spend each day making sure we never have to come face-to-face with our own mortality in such a devastating way. But for many of us, all precaution is for naught. The doctor walks in, the bad news is delivered, and thus begins the battle. We can surrender and simply let things take their course, or fight for every ounce of life we have left.

For young people and children dealing with terminal diseases and other serious conditions, it’s not just a struggle to survive, it’s a indication of identity. Will they be a warrior, a hero, or something else? It goes beyond bravery and courage, turning into something – well, something super.

That’s the idea behind photographer Josh Rossi recent Justice League photo shoot. Sure, there’s a movie coming out featuring the famous comic book collective, but this artist had a better idea. Why not let kids who are currently under care for some pretty serious situations to show their inner superhero, and why not use the famous faces from the DC house as a basis. The results are spectacular, with each portrait showing off the child’s inner strength and resolve.

Let’s begin with:

Sofie Loftus — Wonder Woman

Facing her treatment with “fierceness,” this little angel is battling a rare form of eye cancer called embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. She was a clear choice for the ultimate warrior princess. Rossi had this to say about her: “Sofie is a real fighter and fits perfectly as Wonder Woman!”

Teagan Pettit — Superman

Born with only half a heart – known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome – this hero has had three open heart surgeries and he’s only nine-years-old. Rossi wrote this about his subject: “Teagan’s condition could fail any day because of his heart but he keeps moving forward. Superman and Teagan both have hearts of steel!”

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