Kids All Over Hawaii Think This Costco Cashier Is Maui From ‘Moana’!

Disney has made dozens of memorable characters over the years, especially for little girls.

You can find at least one of the famed Disney Princesses in young girls’ bedrooms across the world. And even some that aren’t exactly Disney Princesses.


When it comes to little boys, however, Disney hasn’t made it easy for them to find their fave hero or for little girls to grow a fondness for a prince charming – or another male protagonist.

Think about it: Can you name all the featured male characters that have appeared onscreen throughout the years? There really isn’t that many.


Sure, there’s Aladdin and Beast and Gaston – but he’s not exactly worthy of little kids’ admiration. There’s Woody and Buzz and the rest of Andy’s toys. Lightning McQueen seems to have finished first in the hearts of young men everywhere and girls love him, too.


Then Moana came along and there was a main male character who massively appealed to both boys and girls for the first time since everyone fell in love with Genie in the early 90’s.

His name? Maui.

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