Judge Refuses To Let Toddler Into Court So A Cop Turns Into The Best Babysitter Ever

When Jose tried to bring Abi into the hearing, the judge told him she had to stay outside. Jose was desperate and didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully, Officer Norris, who was waiting to testify in another hearing, understood where Jose was coming from being a dad himself.


He offered to keep an eye on Abi while Jose handled his business inside the courtroom.

Officer Norris and Abi immediately hit it off and you can see them walking up and down the hall holding hands. The officer and toddler even collected treats from the other court officials!

Finally, Officer Norris put some cartoons on his cellphone and Abi climbed into his lap to watch. When Jose came out of the courtroom, there was his two-year-old daughter, asleep in this kind cop’s lap.

Watch The Courthouse Surveillance:

Officer Norris’ lesson in understanding and kindness has been seen over three million times!

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