Judge Refuses To Let Toddler Into Court So A Cop Turns Into The Best Babysitter Ever

You don’t need to be a parent to know how much of a handful a toddler can be. If you aren’t a mom or dad, you might have a niece or nephew or a younger sibling to look to as a reference.

You’ve seen other people’s tots in grocery stores or restaurants and you likely thought one of two things.


1. “Bless that mother’s heart” or 2. “How can that child not be controlled?”

If you’ve leaned toward the latter more times then you’d like to admit, it’s understandable; a screaming toddler in public can be one of the most nerve-wracking situations to witness.


But, if you sympathize with the mama more than lose your patience, you have an incredible amount of empathy.

Maybe you know the feeling all-too-well of not having a babysitter and having to take your little one with you on your daily errands.


Officer Kevin Norris in Utah definitely understood what a man named Jose was going through when he showed up to traffic court with his two-year-old daughter Abi after not being able to find a sitter.

It turns out if the police officer thing doesn’t work out for him, Officer Norris could get a job as a daycare worker.

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