Jimmy Fallon Shares Hilarious #MomQuotes For Mother’s Day Segment

We all love our moms (we at least hope you do!) but sometimes they embarrass us. They pull out the family photo album and show our prom date baby pictures of us in the bath. They are always quick to point out “how cute” we looked in our pigtails and knee-high socks even though we consider them cringe-worthy.

As we grow older, our parents still embarrass us, but in different ways. They remind us at inappropriate times to do appropriate things like to wash our hands afterward when we get up from the table. Depending on their age, they may struggle slightly with technology. Usually, the acronyms are what gets them, but even some of the vernacular used IRL today can confuse them a bit.

Never one to let any topic pass him by, Jimmy Fallon started a segment called #MomQuotes which, as you can probably guess, is a bit where The Tonight Show host asks his viewers to tweet him the funny things their mothers have said then he reads them on air.

The results are as hilarious as you can imagine. Here are a few that didn’t make the show as well as the ones that did! Take a look…

Blockbuster Is Thrilled, Starbucks? Not So Much…

Apparently, there’s at least one person out there that desperately misses “Be kind, rewind.”

Nature’s Liquid Medicine

This is not unique to just @samselena12’s mom. Water apparently cures everything according to many moms.


How do you even correct that one? “Sorry, my mom sometimes confuses me with Michael Scott from The Office“?

She’s Just Covering Her Bases

Smart woman!

Every. Single. Day.

This one goes both ways; you’ve said it as a mom and this was the response you got from your child or your mom said this to you and this was your reaction. Possibly even both…

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