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Jeff Bridges Shares The Secrets To Making A Marriage Last For More Than 40 Years!

You may know Jeff Bridges as The Dude from The Big Lebowski, Obadiah Stane in Iron Man, Jack Prescott from King Kong (1976), or any of the other memorable characters he’s played on the silver screen, but for 40 years, Susan Geston knows him simply as “husband.”


That’s right, in a time when Hollywood marriages last shorter than award season, Jeff Bridges and his wife Susan have made it work since 1977.

The couple has three daughters and a grandchild and have even worked together on more than 50 projects.


That takes an unwavering amount of love, of course, but Bridges opened up to OWN about what the real reason is their marriage has stood the test of time.

Jeff Bridges e Susan Geston sposi dal 1977 (Marta)

Posted by LaCriticona on Friday, February 10, 2017

“What you don’t know until you get married is that you think all the other doors close — which is true,” Bridges explained. “But this doorway you open [with marriage] is a hallway lined with all these other brilliant doors — kids, deeper intimacy, adventures, and everything else.”

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