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A Japanese Artist Specializes In Photographing Ninja Cats And The Results Are Pawsitively Purrfect!

If you ask most people, they’ll say they’re at their wit’s end with all of the negativity crowding their timeline and newsfeed and can’t take one more segment about the country’s politics on the TV screen. There’s even a pretty good chance you’re one of them. If news about celebrity splits, the latest playoff scores, or constant arguments on Facebook isn’t your thing, can we offer you something different? Something unique? Something beautiful and artistic to keep your mind focused away from the day-to-day nonsense that is inundating your life at every turn?

Meet Hisakata Hiroyuki. Hiroyuki is a Japanese photographer who has mastered the art of snapping action shots of cats. Specifically, martial arts-loving, Kung fu-kicking, ninja cats. In fact, Hiroyuki is the world’s most famous ninja cat photographer. Okay, he may be the only professional photographer taking images of cats in martial arts poses, but still…

Hiroyuki has built his entire career on photographing cats leaping, kicking, chopping, and appearing to duke it out Street Fighter style. How he gets the kitties to channel their inner “crouching tiger” is anyone’s guess but he does and the results are pawsitively purrfect.

He doesn’t get just one fluke shot either. In most cases, Hiroyuki is able to get an entire series of ninja moves!

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