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The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Hilarious Pup Who Throws A Fit Every Time She Hears One Word

We all have pet peeves or things that drive us completely insane. Some people can be driven into fits of rage by the toilet paper being hung “under” the holder instead of “over” or when something isn’t folded the “proper” way. There’s even the “gif” versus “jif” crowd who each believe their way of pronouncing the image format is correct and you can’t convince either side otherwise!

Some people can’t stand the sound of nails on a chalkboard while others are driven bonkers by the sound of other people chewing. Wire hangers are some people’s pet peeves, while others don’t like hearing certain words (why does “moist” bother so many people?!).


Our pets are the same way and have their own kind of peeves. A simple search on any social media platform can bring up tons of images of animals who aren’t thrilled that their human parents force them to wear sweaters, shoes, or Halloween costumes. You can also find funny videos of cats annoyed by water or having their tail touched.

One of the most famous peeved pets is Grumpy Cat, who seems to be irritated by just about everything. In fact, Grumpy Cat is so popular for his annoyed expression he’s got 2.4 million followers on Instagram. The unimpressed feline needs to watch out because a new pet with a hilarious peeve is starting to steal his spotlight.


You’re about to meet Callie, a Jack Russell Terrier that has her own pet peeve that is taking the Internet by storm. Callie’s human dad noticed there was one word that sends his pint-sized pup into an absolute frenzy so he decided to record her reaction and post it online. It’s received over 500,000 views and will likely garner more.

So what word drives this adorable Jack Russell insane? Callie can’t stand the word “squirrel.” Now, this could have something to do with the fact that terriers were specifically bred for small game hunting so her reaction is in her DNA or something happened to her earlier in life that causes her to have such disdain toward the rodent. After all, Jack Russells are one of the smartest dogs breeds out there. They’re also one of the feistiest which makes the video that much funnier.

Watch Callie Lose Her Cool When She Hears The Word “Squirrel”:

Source: Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels by Fletch18

Awe! That sound she makes is so pitiful; you laugh, but you feel guilty doing it.

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