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Shunned And Bullied Indian Woman With Red Hair, Green Eyes, And Freckles Wants DNA Test Run

If you live in North America, chances are that you are well aware that your next door neighbor may look nothing like you.

The U.S. is considered a “melting pot,” since so many Americans’ ancestors came from all over the world to settle in the United States.

It isn’t any shock to walk into a classroom just about everywhere in the country and see children from different races and ethnicities sitting next to each other engaged in elementary-age conversations.


It may be hard for North Americans to believe, but that isn’t always the case in other countries.

One woman born in Mumbai to two Indian parents looks nothing like the “typical” Hindi-speaking person and the difference in her appearance has caused her to be bullied, shunned, and shamed.


Pooja Ganatra is 100-percent Indian, but has flaming red hair, emerald green eyes, fair skin, and freckles.

Both of her parents have black hair, brown eyes, and darker skin.


When she was a toddler, her freckles started to appear and her parents took her to the hospital, fearing she had a skin condition.

The abuse continued throughout her childhood and even became worse when Pooja was a teen because she couldn’t conform to the “impossible” beauty standards most Indians believe in.

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