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Important Warning For Parents As Grieving Couple Begs For Miracle After 7-Week-Old Baby Hit In Head By Softball

With school letting out in the next couple weeks, many families will spend the next few months enjoying the sun and fun of summer. Most families will take vacations to amusement parks and the beach while others may spend the summer months enjoying the outdoors in their hometowns. One Iowa couple won’t be able to enjoy taking their two-month-old daughter on walks at the park or even having her at home. She’s been in a Minnesota hospital fighting for her life since May 2nd.


Kassy Hovenga took 7-week-old McKenna to a local softball field to watch her husband Lee play. While two other teams were on the field, Kassy and McKenna sat in the stands behind third base. Lee went over to his wife to help cover McKenna with a blanket so Kassy could breastfeed the infant.


While their attention was diverted from the field, an errant softball “came over the fence – and either hit McKenna first or hit Kassy first.  We’re really not sure as it happened so fast and Kassy was looking down at McKenna as she was feeding,” a relative posted on the YouCaring page set up for the baby girl.


At first, Kassy and Lee didn’t realize the ball had hit McKenna until they saw a large bump form on her head; they thought the ball only hit Kassy. They immediately rushed the baby to Waverly Health Center in Waverly, Iowa. Shortly after arriving, the decision was made to fly McKenna to St. Mary’s Hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota

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