High School Students Surprise Lunch Lady In Touching Way To Show Their Appreciation

Schools across the globe are closing their doors for the summer and in turn, students are signing each other’s yearbooks, grabbing social media handles, and – believe it or not – even giving teachers a hug or two goodbye. After all educators and administrators go through for their students nine months of the year, it’s nice to see them be appreciated for all of their hard work.


Just like some teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to educate their kids on more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic, some students show their appreciation with more than just a “Thanks, see ya next year!”

This year, more than ones in years past, there seems to be a real effort from kids to show their teachers just how much they mean. This probably has something to do with social media, since teenagers are quick to post photos and videos on their favorite sites. But wouldn’t it be great it was because there was a movement to be kinder and more grateful to these hardworking people who are shaping the lives of our future?


Famed astrophysicist and educator Neil deGrasse Tyson said: “If you ask adults how many teachers — out of the scores in elementary, middle school, high school, college and graduate school — made a singular impression on who and what they are, it’s never more than three or four teachers. Everybody else is a distant second to this set. When we finally create a cloning machine, we should clone those teachers.” This may seem like a backhanded compliment to teachers, but he’s actually saying some teachers touch children’s lives more than others. But thanks just shouldn’t go to educators – it takes a village to run a school…

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