Mom Set Up Hidden Camera And Catches Nanny Abusing Her Baby!

*Warning: This post contains images that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers*

There is nothing in the world more heartbreaking for a mom than finding out someone is physically harming your child, especially when you’re the one that put that person in charge of taking care of your baby.


One new mom is living through this nightmare after finding out the nanny she hired to care for her eight-month-old son was abusing him.

When 26-year-old Elena Levendeeva from Russia had to return to work after having her son, she hired a private nanny to take care of him in their home every day.


Just two weeks on the job, Elena started becoming suspicious of 31-year-old Anastasia Zhelyabova when her son would immediately cry upon the nanny’s arrival.


So Elena did what many mothers do and set up a hidden camera so she could review the footage and see what was really going on in her home when her nanny was caring for her son.

It turns out, she wasn’t caring for him at all and was actually harming him.

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