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These Handsome Heroes Of Hurricane Harvey Have Us Swooning Over Their Rescue Efforts

Houston is at a standstill as the wake and destruction of Hurricane Harvey continue to pummel the region. The fourth largest city in the U.S., with over 2.3 million residents, has endured foot after foot of rain, harsh winds and rising floodwaters, leaving many stranded and desperate for help.

The growing number of families and pets stuck in their homes with no sign of rescue any time soon left many hopeless. But thanks to the heroic efforts of volunteers everywhere, Good Samaritans are showing up in droves and saving them one by one.

They came by propeller boat, on foot and even surfboard, helping the infirmed, wheelchair-bound, families and children, the elderly and even puppies.

Hurricane Harvey Has Devastated The Residents Of Houston And Surrounding Areas


An estimated 30,000 people will lose their homes.

Good Samaritans Like Alexandre Jourde Arrived On His Paddleboard To Rescue A Boy


Ethan Colman, 4, was rescued and brought to safety by Alexandre.

He Suited Up To Help Houstonians


The father of two swiftly got the boy to safety.

A News Photographer Captured His Heroic Efforts


His heroism speaks volumes about humanity and how when things go wrong, help arrives.

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