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She Has No Girlfriends, So This Computer Engineer Bride-To-Be Called Up Her Bros

It’s your big day. You’ve been waiting for this moment ever since that amazing partner of yours placed that engagement ring on your finger. You can’t wait to walk down the aisle. You can’t wait to share the moment with your family…and more importantly, your friends. If you are a traditional groom, you get your bros together for a last night of freedom celebratory bachelor party. And for the bride – there’s the new tradition of a hen’s night. But what happens if you have no gal pals? What if you are surrounded by men all day long? Can you get your pre-nupitals groove on with a bunch of guys?

For Rebecca, the answer was a resounding “YES!” You see, this Brazilian woman is one of only four females in her computer engineering classes. The rest our men. So instead of missing out on a party filled with bad sex jokes, pre-pillow talk, and endless shots of liquor, she grabbed some of her ‘dudes’ and got her almost-wed wildness on. From the photos included here, it looked like a fun night. It’s called making the best out of a bad situation. Rebecca and the boys didn’t mind. They were having all the kicks.

Let’s Get This Party Started

They’ve got all the right tools.

Facials For Everyone, Part 1

Cooling cucumbers for tired eyes.

And Of Course, There’s Alcohol

Just a little (wink, wink)

Trying Out New Cosmetics Is Always Fun

Make-up tutorials are welcome.

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