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These 10 Halloween Costumes For Cats Are Pawsitively Amazing!

Halloween is already just around the corner and chances are, if you or your little ones don’t have your costumes yet, you’re in the process of handcrafting them or building up the courage to venture out to the nearest retailer to get one (Wasn’t back to school shopping just like yesterday?!).

Millions of Americans absolutely adore Halloween, but it isn’t just for humans – pets can have a blast trick-or-treating too!

Unless, of course, you have a cat.

Then you know all too well that they are certainly not enamored with the constant knocking or ringing of the doorbell, followed by strange little humans screaming when you open the door.

Nevertheless, there are some cats that will allow their people-parents to dress them up, or at least, humor them enough to allow some picks to get taken before escaping under the bed to avoid further humiliation.

If you are the proud owner of one of the kitties that will at the very least allow you to grab a pic, here are 10 costume ideas for your feline:

This amazing little kitty even has the pose down! Nice shades, officer!

Ollie is a very good kitty, but he’s sort of looking at mom like, “Really?”

Everywhere you look this time of year you see something pumpkin-related, right? Well, this little lady doesn’t look like she’ll be trying to sneak any pumpkin spiced lattes anytime soon.

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