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This Grumpy Cat Epically Crashed An NYC Nativity Scene, Internet Can’t Get Enough

Whether or not you celebrate the holidays is irrelevant when it comes to this silly Christmas themed story. We all have our own beliefs and tradition related to this or that culture.

For many Christian followers, the month of December is a much anticipated time of year. From family gatherings and gift giving to Christmas trees and nativity scenes ,there is just something about that holiday spirit.

We have all seen the typical baby Jesus in a manger, nativity scene. They are all pretty similar as the story stays the same. Many families decorate their homes, including this moment in Christian history while others head to their place of worship to walk through elaborate Nativity scenes and such.

While you and yours have your very own traditions each year, it looks like this little kitty has found his own ritual to abide by this December.

In celebration of baby Jesus and his birthday (or probably just in celebration of himself ,to be honest), this little kitty cozied up in the wicker “bassinet” of a local church nativity scene and we must admit, he fits right in.

We Are All At Least Familiar With This Scene…


Well, this picture is just like the rest. It’s very similar to the others, except where baby Jesus belongs., well there is a cat instead. (And a very grumpy one at that.)


Hey, at least he is keeping it warm for the birthday boy! He doesn’t arrive until the 25th anyway, right?

Naturally, the internet can’t get enough- See what folks had to say UP NEXT