Grandmother With Rare Condition That Causes Her Face To Melt Refuses Medical Help

Most people who have a medical condition or malady will go to great lengths to receive proper treatment and care.

Some people raise donations to help pay for surgery or medicine or borrow money from loved ones.

Wiang Boonmee, a 63-year-old grandmother in Thailand has one of the rarest conditions on the planet but doesn’t want any medical treatment.


It is believed that Wiang’s condition is related to neurofibromatosis, but no one is exactly sure.

When she was younger, she began to develop abnormal growths across her face.


The growths spread and caused her to go blind. Eventually, they twisted her nose and mouth out of shape.

Despite this, Wiang continues to work and live as normally as anyone else.


22-year-old Praew Wattana saw Wiang on the streets a few weeks ago and contacted health professionals to help because she thought Wiang was in trouble.

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