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81-Year-Old Grandma Meets Her 22-Year-Old Online Gaming Rival in Person

How many times have you heard that playing games is warping kids’ brains, making them unsociable, and even lazy?

Maybe you’re even one of the people who subscribe to this narrative.

Playing games has been recorded as far back as Ancient Greece and if it were possible, it probably could be dated back to a time long before Plato and Aristotle were teaching their philosophies.


Over the centuries, games became a focal point of society, played by the rich and affluential people in parlors while the women of the time were dressed in gowns and adorned in jewels.

In the early- to mid-20th century, board games were all the rage in homes across America. Family game nights were incredibly popular, as were adult-only card and board game dates.

When TV’s began filling households, television game shows began turning ordinary people into big winners with trips, cars, appliances, and cash.


Video games entered the picture in the 80’s and teens spent their allowances and paper route money at arcades until consoles started getting plugged into TVs and joysticks replaced board markers.

Now, video games are a multi-billion dollar business annually and eSports is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.


And, for all the naysayers out there, numerous academic studies now indicate that playing video games actually has many psychological and even physical benefits.

As far as not having social skills, well there’s an 81-year-old grandma in Florida and a 22-year-old rapper from New York who disagrees.

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