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Loving 82-Year-Old Grandfather Takes Care Of His Teen Grandson Suffering From A Rare Disease

From the moment we are born, our parents – and in some cases, grandparents – take care of us.

They feed us, clothe us, tend to us when we’re sick, teach us, and nurture us. In most cases, once we are grown and our parents and grandparents enter the latter stage of their lives, we take care of them.

Some of us do it at their home or have them stay with us and others move them into an assisted living facility so that they can get medical care and other support they just can’t get from us.


But for one family in Indonesia, the grandfather never stopped caring for his grandson, despite living in extreme poverty and becoming elderly and frail.

Totong is now 82, but began caring for his grandson when Syifa was an infant.


Syifa was born with Malabsorption syndrome, which is a condition that prevents absorption of nutrients through the small intestine.

Now 18, Syifa weighs just 33 pounds.


Syifa’s father passed away after an accident when he was five months old. Sadly, his mother also passed just three months later, leaving Totong to care for his grandson.

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