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Thinking About Getting Some Ink? These Gorgeous Disney Tattoos Are The Perfect Inspiration!

There was a time just a few decades ago when tattoos were considered taboo.

People automatically jumped to conclusions about the person who had the ink, but thankfully, tattoos are an accepted form of artful expression in society today.

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergymen, stay at home moms, and everyone in between now has forever art on their bodies.

The artists create life-long masterpieces using skin as their canvas, with some of the most beautiful portraits and landscapes imaginable.

Artists like Ben Carlisle who specializes in Disney-inspired tattoos.

Check out 15 of his beautiful Disney designs!

The Aristocats

Ben tattooed the kittens from The Aristocats on three sisters. What a unique way to express your kinship!

The Little Mermaid

He created this beautiful rendition of Ariel at a tattoo convention and nailed her features!


The details and colors in this Moana-inspired tattoo are just gorgeous.

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