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Nervous 17-Year-Old’s ‘Golden Buzzer’ Audition Is Good Enough To Give You Chills!

Like its name, America’s Got Talent has produced a bunch of talented people that most would never have heard of otherwise.

One of the most charming things about the show is the stories of the contestants because unlike a lot of reality shows and competitions, AGT is open to all sorts of talented individuals from all different age groups.


You’re not just seeing a super cute teenaged girl singing decently to a Rihanna hit or a good-looking frat guy trying to belt out a Michael Bublé song.

America’s Got Talent features not only millennial singers but magicians, dancers, performance artists, daredevils – and everything in between!


There are, of course, singers on the show and many of them could have recording contracts on their own merit.

But a lot of the stories that are told are inspirational, like 17-year-old Christian Guardino.


No stranger to the stage, Christian was the 2014 Grand Prize Champion at The Apollo Theater’s “Amateur Night at The Apollo Stars of Tomorrow” category. Since then, he’s performed as an amateur all over the East Coast.

However, it was his original performance on AGT that grabbed the country’s attention.

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