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While Others Ignored Him, A Higher Power Told Her To Help This Homeless Man

Out of sight, out of mind. That old saying is a perfect illustration of how we treat the homeless in our country. We recognize there is an issue involving our veterans, the mentally ill, and the financially disenfranchised and unfortunate, but as long as we can maneuver past their place on the sidewalk without feeling too much guilt, we go about our business and hope someone else will address the problem.

We See Them Every Day


For a “good Christian” like Bonnie Marie Monroe, her faith demands that she care for those less fortunate than she. Still, at a recent visit to a restaurant, she couldn’t help but notice a disheveled looking gent walking from table to table, begging for food. While the other patrons avoided eye contact and pretended he wasn’t there, Bonnie grew more and more concerned.

And We Usually Just Ignore Them


Disgruntled, the man went to leave. It’s then that this woman of God was inspired to do something others wouldn’t. Saying that she heard a voice commanding “Don’t let him get away…GO GET HIM!” Bonnie jumped up and caught Bryon. She then offered him a chance to sit with her and her son, break bread, and even share a bit of fellowship. The two ended up eating together, and even did a bit of dancing.

But This Georgia Woman Said A Higher Power Told Her To Help


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