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This Ivory Coast Artist Can Do Some Absolutely Amazing Things With Her Hair

Sometimes, to overcome prejudice or intolerance, you have to think outside the box. Taking on hate without a way of breaking down the barriers present, is a fool’s paradise. Skin color, religious beliefs, sexual preference are all ingrained issues and you have to work outside the inherent to thwart them. Art can be a good place to begin, especially when done in a truly novel way. Laetitia KY is from the Ivory Coast and this melanin-kissed beauty is blessed with an amazing head of hair. In fact, this amazing artist can use her tresses to express her various modes and she’s gained an amazing following on social media because of it.

While she may have been motivated by nothing more than a desire to get noticed and to see her ideas and designs embraced by the rest of the world, Laetitia is showing that natural can be novel. She’s using the hair that God gave her to make a statement about acceptance and aesthetic. While some struggle with their own identity, this queen is proud of who she is and is making the most of it. Check out the gallery and see for yourself. This is one stunning woman – and one equally amazing artist.

Rock On!

Rule the globe!

She’s Got The Moves

Tiny dancer for the win.

Give It Some Serious Thought

You own this, girl.

Selfie Game At 100!

Look out, Snapchat

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