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This Little Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Is An Incredible Artist

It’s Labor Day Weekend, and for many, the main tradition isn’t a cookout or a visit with family and friends. From 1966 to 2010, the late, great Jerry Lewis would round up as many of his performer friends as he could and, with their help, he put on a telethon that raised billions of dollars to fight muscular dystrophy. For kids, it meant the official end of summer.

This Is Kate


For everyone else, it meant time to open the wallet or purse and dig down a bit to help out Jerry and his mission. Back when he began the all day money raising event, there was little hope for children and adults suffering from MD. Their lives were measured in minor accomplishments, and some accused the comic of using pity to drive his pleas for funding. But now we know different.

Her Mother Is Looking For Help For Her Condition


People with MD are being helped every day by science and other technological breakthroughs, and there are those who have found a way to overcome their condition to be strong and successful. A little girl from Russia named Kate is striving to survive her diagnosis. She started experiencing symptoms when she was very young, and thanks to the help of a clinic in France, she’s been able to do more for herself. Currently, she is in need of a new corset to help her sit up and navigate her electric wheelchair.

Even With MD, Kate Is Living Her Dreams


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