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Giant Wolf Sits Next To Woman, But Watch The Moment When Their Eyes Meet

It takes a special person to create a bond with an animal, especially if that animal is a wild grey wolf. But wildlife worker Danielle sure seems to fit the bill because she has been able to earn the trust of two timber wolves who adore her so much that they lap at her face with sloppy wet kisses!

The Colorado Wolf And Wildlife Center Is A Beacon Of Hope For Wolves

Kekoa and sister Sakara call the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center home ever since being transferred from the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida. The sibling wolves have taken their time being nurtured in their rescue environment and have built a special bond with all of their caregivers over the years.

Danielle Has A Special Bond With Kekoa The Timber Wolf

But earning the trust of a timber wolf isn’t nearly as easy as Danielle makes it look. In fact, the wolves require regular socialization to behave this way around humans. A wild wolf would never allow a human to interact with them in this manner or to be able to get that close to it. And although they are not considered truly “wild” (because they have been raised by humans) they still have a tendency to remain cautious of human beings.

The Wolf Pups At The Center Are Learning How To Interact With Humans

But by the looks of Kekoa and Sakara’s wagging tails, exposed bellies and adorable kisses, these timber wolves have got us fooled. And we’re swooning over their sweet relationship with Danielle.

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