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Want To Look Your Very Best? These 15 Genius Make-Up Tips Will Definitely Help

They are known as gurus and, with the advent of outlets like YouTube, they have become the go-to experts in the everyday. Want to know how to fix a sink, or build a birdhouse? There’s a online talent hoping you’ll subscribe to their channel to learn their secrets. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of make-up and hair care. Women – and many men – are looking for the latest looks, how to achieve a perfect appearance, and better still, which products and techniques will help achieve those aims and answers and examples can be found all over the web.

Still, not everyone knows everything. Below you will find 15 tips that even the most knowledgeable guru might be missing. Some are very specific. Others are probably as generic as such hints or hacks can get. All want to help you achieve that desired effect, from diminishing your large brow area to turning you eyes all smoky and sultry. In the end, it will take a bit of practice and patience, but who knows – maybe you’ll become so good at ‘putting on your face’ people will consider you a guru as well.

1. Never Put Concealer Or Foundation On Your Eyelids As A Base

It will cause eye makeup to crease.

2. Apply Mascara With The Aid Of A Plastic Spoon

It will help prevent getting any on the skin beneath

3. Use Scotch Tape As An Eyeliner Guide

Will make application smooth and easy.

4. Downward Strokes Only For Foundation Or Powder

‘nuff said.

5. Forehead Issues?

Try bangs, or better yet, bronzer, which creates the illusion of something ‘smaller.’

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