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It’s The Latest Concept In Kid Wear – Gender Neutral Clothing

As Bob Dylan once famously said, the times are indeed a-changing. Every time you turn around, there’s another new trend or fad, another new idea or concept being added to the mass communal stew which is our society. Some are positive. A few are reprehensible. And then there are those concepts which require getting used to before they become rote. We typically weed out the bad and save the sound. That doesn’t mean we’re winning the war, just giving our strategy a chance to succeed.

What Do You Think Of This Idea?


Take the concept of gender neutral parenting. It’s a pure post-modern concern, one parents decades ago barely even considered. Battling the whole “sugar and spice and everything nice” vs. “snips and snails and puppy dog tails” approach to raising kids, these new age ideals suggest that children should be treated as a collective whole, that no ridiculous roles from a patriarchal or misogynist past be applied. Mostly, it’s a reaction to retailers who want Junior to wear a “Mommy’ Little Monster” t-shirt while Jane gets the familiar “Daddy’s Little Princess.”

Gender Neutral Clothing For Kids


Of course, for many with this mindset, the options are slim. You won’t find an empowering outfit at Old Navy or Wal-Mart. That’s why there’s a new trend in kid wear. Companies like Free To Be Kids are removing the standard social stigmas associated with male/female type and are treating children as people first, gender second (if at all).

Is This Something Society Needs?


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