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This Is What Happens When You’re Sassy Best Friend Is Your Maid Of Honor

The two best friends decided to have a bit of fun with some of the photos, but they didn’t let Robert in on any of it.

“The groom had no idea what we decided to do,” Sharilyn said, “but once we started acting goofy, he played along and was laughing.”


A couple years earlier, Rebecca and Sharilyn found a couple hilarious photobombed wedding photos and Rebecca and Sharilyn decided they wanted to do the same at their own weddings.

Fast forward two years and Sharilyn obliged.


“Sharilyn was like ‘Oh we want to do this one photo of me tossing her veil,’ and I was like ‘Sure, okay,’ thinking to myself we had already done a few with my assistant tossing it,” wedding photographer Ashley Hempel said. “So I posed Becca and James, and then Sharilyn started HER posing and I died. It was so funny. The whole bridal party was cracking up.”


After the photos were posted to Facebook, several people who didn’t know the backstory began slamming Sharilyn for upstaging the bride, but Rebecca was quick to point out that the two had planned this so nothing was ruined and Sharilyn was definitely not being selfish.

Even the photographer came to Sharilyn’s defense.

“They are hilarious,” Hempel said of Rebecca and Sharilyn. “They have each other’s backs — constantly striking poses and goofing off even during the getting ready photos.

“I think they’re the type of friends who will be 75 at an old folks’ home pantsing the orderlies.”

Do you have a best friend that you would want to prank your groom with?

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