Friends Throw Surprise Prom For 15-Year-Old Severely Burned In A Fire Pit Accident

Before April 28, Korryn Bachner was like every other 15-year-old sophomore. She hung out with her friends, was active at her school, and was preparing to go to prom with a good friend of hers. A tragic accident threatened to take all of that away from her, but Korryn’s friends were determined to make sure she remained like every other teenager…


Korryn and a group of friends were hanging out one night in Lombard, Illinois sitting around a fire pit and having fun. One of the boys in the group wanted to make the fire bigger, so he poured gasoline on the fire. The dangerous accelerant caused the flames to basically explode, engulfing a dozen of the teens.


One girl was placed under a medically induced coma while another young man was hospitalized with third-degree burns. Korryn’s injuries were also devastating; her face and head were burned so severely that she remained in the hospital for 13 days and will need extensive reconstructive surgery once her wounds heal.


Korryn was released from the hospital the day before prom. Because of the risk of infection and not feeling comfortable with her head completely swaddled in bandages, Korryn called her friend, Jonathan Ayala, and told him she wouldn’t be going to prom. So Jonathan rounded up a dozen of her friends and decided to bring prom to her.

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