First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon Returns – 50 Years Later

We are very shortsighted when it comes to history. We like to think that the bad parts within our vast social experiment were long ago and far away, part of a past that no longer applies to the world of wonders around us. We don’t care if there is still limited equality and a similarly slight amount of acceptance, but we just can’t believe that such horror were within our rearview mirror, not much, much further back on the path to today.

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It may be difficult to believe, but it was just 50 years ago that the first woman ran the Boston Marathon…and not without a great deal of difficulty. At the time, 20-year-old Kathrine Switzer was forbidden from entering the race. In 1967, it was men only. Still, as the new catchphrase confirms, she persisted. She registered with gender non-specific initials, and made it to the 26.2 mile mark before officials tried to force her off the course.

Kathrine Switzer Made History There


Her efforts became part of an iconic photo that has been making the round as of late, considering the anniversary of the event. Well, to mark the occasion as well, Switzer came back to Beantown and ran the marathon again. Yes, she’s 70 and not vying for a spot on the awards stand. Instead, she was surrounded by supporters who wanted to promote the barrier breaking events that took place back then.

50 Years Ago, This Happened


Today, She’s Back – Triumphant!


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