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Model With Down Syndrome Is Shattering The Glass Ceiling In The Fashion Industry

Katie Meade is a 33-year-old model from Iowa.

Her classic beauty and charisma beam through photos while her spirit captures viewers instantly.

Katie may sound like every other model in fashion and to those that know her and feel she is a pioneer, she is.

But there’s one stark difference between Katie and models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner – Katie has Down Syndrome.


Katie is the face of Beauty & Pinups brand’s “Fearless” campaign and embodies determination and confidence. She is proud of her accomplishments but even prouder of the door she has opened for people with disabilities.

“I haven’t seen anybody with Down Syndrome be a model and now it’s time to see more people with disabilities can have the chance to be beautiful and pretty,” Katie said.

“People who have disabilities can have abilities and they are very capable of doing so much in life.”

Watch Katie Shine:


“I was given the chance to shine and show that beauty belongs to everyone,” Katie said.

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