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A Chinese Airline Has A New Haute Couture Look For Its Cabin Crews

In the ’40s and ’50s, they were a necessary part of the burgeoning airline industry. By the ’60s, they had been turned into waitresses with wings. As the ’70s grew near, they became hyper-sexualized, with slogans like “Coffee, Tea,…Or Me” becoming part of the pop culture lexicon. Thankfully, the Me Decade transformed the stewardess (and their eventual male counterpart, the steward) into a more inclusive and respected job. Gone were the days when tired businessmen would goose a gal for a little mid-flight fun. In their place was a new respect for the amount of work required to travel from Miami to Seattle with the great unwashed.

Of course, with most of the changes came a kind of blandness in both approach and apparel. It made sense back then – you didn’t want to continue the reputation of the past, and you wanted to maintain a kind of “sameness” in dress. Well, an airline in China has taken the radical step of letting an actual fashion designer – Laurence Xu – to create their cabin crew’s uniforms, and the results scream couture. inspired by the ‘Cheongsam’, a traditional Chinese dress, the look combines the best of the West and the East to set the trend for the rest of the industry. Check out the outfits below, and make sure to check out the video which discusses the looks from airlines around the world.

Look Out World

These designs are “runway” ready.

How Fashionable And Fancy

They look quite stylish in these threads.

Could You Imagine Outfits Like This On A US Airline

It would totally alter the approach to flying.

You Can Easily See These Outfits As Part Of Any Fashion Week

They make the grade.

The Only Question Would Be…

Are they practical? Especially considering what the cabin crew has to do.

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