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John Cena’s Fans Thank Him For His Inspiration And Motivation…In Person

There is something about the athlete and his or her connection to their fans that just can’t be matched by other famous faces. Names like Dwayne Johnson and Tim Tebow go out of their way to make sure their audience knows that they would be nothing without them. Literally. They recognize that celebrity comes from being celebrated, and it’s the everyday Joe and Jane who are paying the tributes. So they give back whenever they can, and go out of their way to show compassion and empathy when they reach out.

John Cena Loves His Fans


John Cena is another sports icon who understands this. He devotes himself to his supporters, and they to him. Thanks to a clever catchphrase – “Never Give Up” – and an accessibility which sees him meet and greet many of his followers, he has found himself both inspiration and idol. People may worship him, but it never goes to his head. He remains down to earth and approachable, even as he is preparing to take down another muscled wrestler in the square circle.

And They Love Him Right Back


Recently, Cena sat down with the people at Cricket Wireless to do some of the fan appreciation he does so well. After some pranks and put-ons, the tables were turned on him. The producers provided him with thank you notes from many who have found solace and peace in Cena’s words. Using “Don’t give up” as a mantra and motivational tool, many have gotten through some very tough times, all with their favorite grappler’s help. They wanted to give back to him, and after they did, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

He’s An Inspiration To Them All


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