Facebook Confirms It’s Testing A Reddit-Like ‘Downvote’ Button

Facebook has gone through several changes since its inception in 2004. Most notably, the ever-changing algorithms that determine everything from the ads that pop up on your newsfeed to the friends’ posts you actually see.

But one of the first changes Facebook made was the addition of the “Like” button in 2009.


Yes, it’s hard to believe that the little blue “thumbs up” button wasn’t launched until five years after Facebook did because it’s the one thing that never seems to change with the platform.


Then in 2016, Facebook began testing some other emotions that people had been requesting for over five years and now, the “love,” “haha,” “yay,” “wow, “sad,” and ‘angry” reactions with “yay” not making the final cut.


Now, the other five are just as popular, if not more, than the OG of Facebook reactions, the “like.” People noticed that one reaction has been missing the entire time and has been bugging the social media giant about: A dislike button.

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