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Epic Quest For A Bagel In New York Shows How Inaccessible Cities Really Are

You may have read the title and thought, “Yeah, right! Every time I try to park at the mall there are 50 spots designated for the disabled, there is plenty of accessibility in my town.”

Yes, there may be several parking spots designated for people with disabilities, but that doesn’t mean that in general, cities are completely accessible either.


If you are bound to a wheelchair and that is the main way you get around in your daily life, how do you get on a subway?

What about a taxi? A bus?


Those things, in theory, are accessible to people with disabilities because they have chairlifts and designated seating, and they may even have a place to store your chair, but what about getting up and down a curb?


These are just molehills to able-bodied persons, but with those living with a disability, they are mountains.

Zach Anner set out to show people how truly difficult it is to move around a city when you’re in a wheelchair.

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