Caring About The Environment Is Everybody’s Business – Just Ask This Elephant!

Can you guess what the top-5 New Year’s resolutions are every year?

37-percent of people polled said that they promised to stay fit and healthy this year while right behind that at 32-percent is losing weight.


28-percent of people said they were going to enjoy life to the fullest and one-quarter of those asked said they vowed to spend less and save more.

Rounding out the top-5 was “spending more time with family and friends” at 19-percent.


Did you make any New Year’s resolution a couple of weeks ago?

If so, did you follow the status quo or did you think a little more universally?


Some of your friends may have inspired you with their own resolutions to change, like get the kids’ lunches and backpacks ready the night before or to stay on top of clutter more.

Those are all positive changes that can be made but there’s one very important one not yet mentioned.

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