Elderly Couple Calls Cops For The Cutest Reason And The Officer Goes Above And Beyond To Help!

It takes a lot of patience to be a police officer. Of course, it takes other characteristics like bravery and valor, but patience has to be up there. On any given day, you can find a cop in the middle of a routine traffic stop, pulled over on the side of the road, lights flashing, probably listening to the same excuse for why someone was speeding that they’ve heard countless times already. In all likelihood, the officer will hear the same excuse another thousand times before his or her career is over!

But it isn’t just listening to the same excuses over and over for why someone is speeding or loitering where they shouldn’t be that really tests a member of law enforcement’s patience.


Officers can sometimes get a bad rap for not having enough patience with someone who’s in need of help, but in the majority of cases, they really show an enormous amount of restraint when dealing with the public.

For example, even though people know (or should know) that you should only call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency, some citizens struggle with what a true emergency is. One elderly man called the police because he claimed his caretaker took all of his food and he needed someone to cook him dinner. Thankfully, some patient and understanding officers arrived to help the man out.

Calls like that happen more than you realize and the response from the local police force is usually pretty compassionate, especially when they find out that a senior citizen is calling because that’s their “emergency.”


An elderly couple in California made a call to the Sonoma County Sheriff along those same lines. Their TV was stuck at the highest volume for hours and they just couldn’t take it anymore, so they contacted the only people they thought could help – the police!

Deputy Merical took the call, and although he knew it wasn’t a life-threatening emergency, he was compassionate enough to know that to the couple it was.

He headed to their residence and attempted to turn the volume down, but even he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their remote!

“After some internet research and a universal remote programming session, Deputy Merical had the remote and TV in working order and the volume back to a tolerable level,” the Sonoma County Sheriff said in a statement.

“Every day is different in our line of work, and we’re glad to help out where and when we can.”

The couple Deputy Merical assisted is probably very thankful for his kindness and patience!

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Source: Elderly Couple Calls Cops for Sweetest Reason. Officer Goes Above & Beyond Call of Duty by Liftable

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