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You’ve Seen A Lot Of Gender Reveal Videos But NOTHING Like This Elaborate Announcement!

This is the year 2017 and we’ve been in the “Information Age” for quite some time.

It seems everything is done these days via some sort of digital device. We practically live on our phones.


From prom proposals to marriage proposals, every moment that used to be simple or private is now streamed or posted for people all of the world – at least the ones with an Internet connection – to see.


For a few years, posting pregnancy announcements were all the rage.

It seemed like you couldn’t go a day without seeing one come across your timeline.


As is everything Internet-related, videos of couples announcing they are expecting have been pushed aside so that a new kind of video could take the crown as the “It” moment…

Gender reveals.

Head to the next page to see one gender reveal so elaborate, you’ll wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson put it together!