Very Easy Food Swaps That Could Save You 1,000 Calories Every Day!

Losing weight by changing your eating habits can be challenging to put it mildly. Even when you think switching to salads at lunch is a step in the right direction, cheese, dressing, and other toppings could be adding more calories (and fat) to your meal without you even realizing it. Even when you cut out sweets and replace them with a healthy snack like almonds can be tricky, according to dietician Leanne Ward. Leanne warns that having too many almonds is actually worse for you than eating a candy bar.


Fitness star Rob Eades is a 24-year-old Instagram star who calls himself “The Lean Student Chef.” He is one of the latest up and coming fitness influencers on the social media site who shares his workout tips and eating tricks with his 35,000 followers. Rob recently told Food & Drink that there are some simple steps to take to slash your daily caloric intake by 1,000 without much effort at all.


Rob says that the key is substituting certain snacks or ingredients for others. Of course, eating healthier alone won’t magically solve any weight loss concerns. Rob says it’s also very important to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and/or working out as well.


Some of Rob’s suggestions may even shock you. You probably already thought that switching from junk food to something tasty and nutritious like avocado was good for you, but you may not have realized how many calories are in an avocado. Rob’s suggestion is to swap that avocado for cucumber, and you will cut 182 calories. Wow!

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