These Are The Results Of Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day For Your Face

Experts have been touting the benefits of drinking water for years now, with the “gold standard” set at a goal of eight glasses per day. Some in the medical community have recently said that there is no magic number; the key is to drink water when you’re thirsty and to stay hydrated. These folks believe that forcing yourself to drink eight glasses may cause more harm than good or that it’s simply not needed by everyone. However, the “eight glasses rule” does have many benefits including hydration, weight loss, and healthier skin.

Alkame Water ran a study a few years ago with participants following the eight glasses standard and the results really do speak for themselves. One of the participants, Sarah Smith, took the challenge for 28 days and noticed a significant improvement over the health of her skin. Sarah was 42 years old at the time of the study and looked lovely for her age, but after the 28 days of essentially only drinking water, she looks years younger.


It sounds like there’s going to be a catch, but there isn’t. Sarah’s wrinkles were reduced and her energy level actually increased replacing water with her caffeinated drinks. Sarah also noticed her eyes were less dry. In the transformation, she experienced some acne breakouts which was the water flushing the toxins from her body. The breakout was short-lived and afterward, she reported that her face was “brighter and younger” looking.

Some of the other benefits of consuming eight glasses of water include an increase in brain function and an improved mood. Water delivers oxygen throughout your body, but especially to your brain, which is essential for efficiency and memory. In fact, studies have shown that drinking enough water will improve the brain’s function by 30-percent.

Sarah’s Results:


Water also has a healing factor to it and can help relieve aches and pains. If you have a headache or menstrual cramps, drinking water may do the trick as a result of hydrating your muscles. H20 can even reduce a fever. As for its weight loss benefits, water doesn’t magically dissolve fat, but it does fill your stomach, making your appetite smaller and again, by hydrating your muscles and giving you more energy, it’s easier to get through your cardio workouts.

Committing to drinking eight glasses of water isn’t easy and it may even make you feel nauseous. If this is how you react to that much agua, it’s perfectly okay! Even two glasses can make a huge difference in your body and your mind. If it’s the taste that turns you off, try adding a lemon or cucumber slice in your glass it can really do wonders.

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Source: This Is What Will Happen to Your Face if You Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day by Liftable

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