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She’s Making History, But There Is More To This Pageant Contestant Than Her Condition

It’s almost laughable now. We call them “special needs,” when that they really require is for society to stop judging them based on antiquated, out of date ideals. Granted, someone with Down Syndrome faces challenges that others do not, but any actual limits come from those around them, not ones they believe in or are born with. They think they can do anything, and day in and day out, they prove that they can.

The Only ‘Special Need’ They Have Is Wanting Respect


Take Mikayla Holmgren. For years now, she’s participated in gymnastics. She’s also a dancer and even participates on the Bethel College team. She’s been a competitor since the age of six, and now she’s about to take on her biggest challenge yet. Mikayla is about to become the first young woman of her kind to take part in the Miss Minnesota, and hopefully, Miss USA Pageant.

Mikayla Holmgren Is More Than Her Condition


And, yes, she has Down Syndrome. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the her from pursuing her passions. And she doesn’t like being called a “trailblazer.” For Mikayla, he is simply doing what she loves, and she could care less what others think of her. It was the way her parents raised her.

And She’s Out To Prove The Naysayers Wrong


Her mom, Sandi, explained it like this: “From the start, my husband and I decided that she’s a child first and the Down’s syndrome is secondary. We never said that she can’t do this because she has Down syndrome; instead we asked, ‘Why not?’” Her gymnastics coach had this to add: “Her inner joy, her inner work ethic, her desire to not let any obstacles stop her from achieving her dreams, to me that’s what beautiful is.” We agree completely – and you notice, o mention of “special needs.”

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